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This is a continuation of my previous post for new users of Word Press. You have at this point hopefully added a few posts and used links to external websites or other pages or posts on your own site.Images can be an integral part of any site . However there are some caveats you must take on board before adding images to your site. The following are some but certainly not all conditions to think about and/or implement before adding images.

1) Is the image of an acceptable quality when viewed

2) Does the image you intend to use pertain to the content of your site.

3) Is your image so large that it will slow down the loading of your site.

4) Is the image your property !

These are just some of the issues to take on board before using images or other media on your site.There are others for example seo,linking and others.However for this simple task we will concentrate on the above points.To this end I have added two images here which are similar content but different size and no this picture does not reflect the content of this site.I have fallen in to the trap.”I just like It”

Sunse Image Ireland

Sunset B

Let us start with point 1 and I believe this speaks for itself. You should invest in a reasonable stills camera so you are in full knowledge that you are starting with a good quality picture.When you compress and resize you will still have a good quality picture.

2) Point 2 is your decision to make as I have mentioned previously I have broken my own rule here.

3) Here is the real mission for our post to add an image to a WordPress post. Let us break this into bullet points.

a)Before uploading your image compress it to an acceptable size there are many softwares to do this some in fact are free.
b)Re size your image to fit in to your post or page. Again there are softwares available to complete this. Indeed your camera software may have these abilities.

Let us presume you have compressed and re sized your images. The two images I have here are larger than normal and are simply for illustrative purposes. Both have been compressed and one has been re sized.In fact the original was a staggering 1.4mb due to compression and resizing it is now 20kb I therefore have to accept the loss in quality.Wordpress Admin

Go to media in your Word Press admin panel and add your image here,fill in the sections below there are credible reasons for doing this which we will get to at some future date.
Note : If you go to Media library click on an uploaded jpg click edit you will see your complete URL and name for this particular file.Take note of THIS, as and when you become familiar with word press you will be using URL’s like these to improve your content and reader engagement.Simply by calling content from other sources as and when required,be it a file,folder or other resource from anywhere on the web.With permission of course !!
Once you have written your post go to html in your toolbar click on the area where you would like to add your image. Now go back to the toolbar and click add image click edit on your picture copy the link that appears and paste this into the position on your post.Your image is now loaded into your post. If you find this too difficult you can go to media and use “attach” to your image to a post.
However I have a preference for using the copy and paste scenario.

On a brief note regarding copy and paste DO NOT COPY/PASTE content from other areas you may be infringing on point 4 and you have no idea what rubbish you may import with this.

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