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If you are reading this you have just paid me a visit via the incredible,informative and useful tool the Internet. However although a pleasure to use by many it has become a playground for less than reputable practices . I refer to those who use the Internet to profit or simply to destroy the pleasure of the majority of users.By the end of this post I hope to educate in layman’s terms the terminology used and how best to protect yourself  and your PC . You may have heard various words used for example a Firewall, Anti-Virus ,Spam

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Browser Google Search

The Internet is such a useful tool for obtaining information on any subject you may be interested in. With this in mind it is my goal in this post to explain the commonly used terms on the Internet so that you may join the conversation and get the best from your PC. You have heard of Google who has not,but you begin to enter a grey mist when the discussion enters into the area of search engines,browsers, links and tabs.

web browsers
web browsers (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

If you continue on reading it is my aim that you will be accustomed to these COMMON terminologies that are part of everyday conversation. What better way to show the kids and grand-kids that old “G” is with it.I through conversation am amazed at the amount of people my age and slightly older who seem to have an in built fear to get the best from Google and the Internet. I will admit there are those in the industry who appear to get a somewhat perverse pleasure by keeping up an inane mystery around the subject. To those few I hope they realize they do themselves no favours and should be encouraging and explaining with the goal to having a greater population engaged in the benefits of the Internet.

With that said lets get to basics !


When you turn on your PC the first layout you see on starting is your desktop, with various icons email, My Computer,Internet Explorer (A Browser) etc.


English: The three biggest web search engines
English: The three biggest web search engines (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The simple one to explain as you look at this page it has opened in a browser,that is best understood as the frame surrounding this page.On the very top is a small window with the this site address and post-name in it. This is the BROWSER WINDOW.So now if you are asked to type in your browser window you now understand it’s location. There are several Browsers available among them Mozilla FireFox,Opera, Google Chrome. We will get back to these later.

Search Engine.

Oh! just type it in to a search engine. Self explanatory to some however there are numerous search engines the monolithic Google being the most popular. The search engine is contained within the browser and again there are many available. Among these is the aforementioned Google, Yahoo and Alta-vista to name but a few.To get the best from your surfing you should combine your favoured Browser with a chosen search engine. In my case I have a combination of several, though for everyday use I favour Mozilla Firefox with Google search engine.

Please note that you can download these browsers and combine them with the search engines and have a choice on your desktop for future use. To download go to the links provided and follow instructions. These are provided by the very people who are the backbone of the Internet and are provided to you as an aid to improve your surfing experience.


Links are just that a link to another website or another page within a website again they are provided by others and myself so that people may find their way around a web-page or the web in general. Links are sometimes contained within tabs as below.


Tabs are related to links you normally find them at the top or around the extremities of a web page. Common names being About,Home,Links

As an exercise try the following,right click with your mouse in the browser window,click copy.Open a separate Internet session right click in the new browser window click save hit enter on your PC this will bring you back to the precise page on this site. A handy way to save your favourite pages.

I have the address and download locations for these browsers and search engines below. You can also get many of these for your Mobile or Tablet and check out the add-ons. Some will make your search more enjoyable.

Mozilla FireFox
Google Chrome

Search Engine List

By Loughcorrib


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I decided to write this because of the number of people whom have asked me to do so.

English: Linksys WRT54GL Polski: Linksys WRT54GL
English: Linksys WRT54GL Polski: Linksys WRT54GL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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