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If you are reading this you have just paid me a visit via the incredible,informative and useful tool the Internet. However although a pleasure to use by many it has become a playground for less than reputable practices . I refer to those who use the Internet to profit or simply to destroy the pleasure of the majority of users.By the end of this post I hope to educate in layman’s terms the terminology used and how best to protect yourself  and your PC . You may have heard various words used for example a Firewall, Anti-Virus ,Spam

Let us begin with Firewall you can view this as the first line of defence on your PC . It’s self explanatory in a way a wall that you can put up for unwanted intrusion with the ability through settings to raise higher as you wish. If you click on your Anti-Virus you should have an indication firewall on. Under advanced settings you can then stipulate further security. For example most software downloads have an update function or indeed may connect to the Internet when opened. If you wish to control these you can highlight the software  and change rules for example change from auto to ask. This gives you control over and allows you view the unseen connections of your PC.If you open and see a software you do not recognize you can try these steps. However try your friend Google first they will have information about this software. You can bring this a step further and use a router firewall and port exclusion to positively nail down connections,but for now this may be a step too far for the uninitiated.

Your Anti-Virus runs almost exclusively in the background and once set up will need little input from the user. It’s function is to view your files,downloads and sites visited to look for potential threats, be they malware, bots etc.Your Anti-Virus will look for new definitions of these threats and therefore needs access to the Internet.On simple trick if you right click on a file/folder you should see scan -“with” this is a simple method to scan a suspect package. Although if properly set up your Anti-Virus should scan automatically.

One important function you have is although your Anti-Virus is working you should get in to a set routine to run a scan on a weekly basis at the very least.There may be some ad wares,Spy wares that are not detected with this in mind I have links to some softwares that you may like to use. These are offered as/is so read the the Software licence and use them if you wish.

Passwords are another weak area that allow unwanted visits and in some cases have lead to computer hijack. Remember to include lowercase letters,numbers and other symbols in a password For example “mYP9A3ssw-0OrD?”

If you are in a situation that you suspect you have been compromised run some or all of these and change all passwords only after cleaning your PC. It is also a good idea to disconnect from the Internet while doing these chores.

Below are some links to software that may be of help. I use some of these and others however I naturally can not in anyway recommend any as this is a personal decision that you must make. You can look for further information about these and others online.

Malwares Anti Malware

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