Sharing Docs Online

This post is a brief and hopefully helpful introduction
to the organization of your information you wish to
share with others.
Let us begin with a scenario. You have to attend
a meeting with several others in the near future,It may be
business, pleasure whatever,but you must have organization
around its implementation.Perhaps you are Chairman of your local
club or meeting clients on a project.Like myself or others you
prepare your documentation,therefore you email
information with attachments to the group while receiving information in
your own inbox.So now you must read and organize this
information in preparation for your meeting.In most
cases its out with the folder and fire up the printer.
With the full and certain knowledge that once you return
from your meeting you will have a repeat process along the same
lines.Does this sound familiar ?

There is a simple solution to this never ending
problem and the consequent drain on time and resources .
I have used the following simple solution myself with
individuals I deal with on a regular basis and all have found
this method of sharing docs to be simple and to the point.
I refer of course to harnessing the power of the Internet
sharing documents online and giving permissions to your
attendees to read and if necessary comment on or change
these documents.

Information Central
Information Central (Photo credit: pjern)

The documentation you can share is almost endless
be it a word,note,pdf,slide,video and others and the ability
to create permissions around these makes the whole a simple
and time saving device.
To this end I have produced below a small and simple slide
show to show what is available online thanks to the good people
at Google docs.
Have a look and return here and let me know what you think.
If you appreciate what this can do for you personally or
from a business viewpoint why not open a Google account
and get meeting!



OnLine Docs

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