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There is a plethora of discussion and questions on sip on the Internet and other information formats. However it appears that these address issues around the implementation of sip from a technical perspective. It is my intention in this post to introduce sip to the end user and hopefully when you read through this you will be in a position to decide if and when to use sip for home business or both.

What is SIP ?

SIP (session initiated protocol) is a means to communicate across the web using the sip protocol.

What is sip used for ?

Sip is used for telephony,Video conferencing and file transfers. Perhaps the most common application is telephony.

What are the requirements for sip ?

Sip application requires a stable broadband and software and if required hardware.

Can I use sip at home?

Yes you will require a sip account and softphone with a headset and mic. Or an alternative is an analogue telephone with a piece of hardware (ATA) to connect between the telephone and broadband router.

Can I have sip on my pabx extensions ?

Yes in fact it is quite common to retain your original telephone system and have a sip card fitted to your current telephone system thereby using both your computer network and original telephone wiring and telephones for sip.

Can I have sip extensions from by pabx in a remote office or home?

Yes you can set up a vpn between your routers and use your remote office or home telephone as an extension from most modern sip compliant pabx.

Who supplies these services?

There are a multitude of companies supplying these services.However to get the best from the service I encourage customers to seek the assistance of a company who can both help in setting up your account and provision the service to your current hardware..

Sip calls are free ?

This is a common misunderstanding, while sip to sip services are normally free there is not to my knowledge a company who will provide a stable sip account and free calls to ‘normal’ landlines. Though as a rule of thumb sip calls to landlines are significantly cheaper than other means.

Can I use sip and my normal lines together ?

Yes in fact it is best to have a backup especially in a business environment, In the unlikely scenario that one fails you have fallback.

This is a brief but hopefully informative post for end users on sip should you wish to comment or question you may contact contact me here. I will hopefully help with your query.

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