Firewall Anti-Virus Spam

If you are reading this you have just paid me a visit via the incredible,informative and useful tool the Internet. However although a pleasure to use by many it has become a playground for less than reputable practices . I refer to those who use the Internet to profit or simply to destroy the pleasure of the majority of users.By the end of this post I hope to educate in layman’s terms the terminology used and how best to protect yourself  and your PC . You may have heard various words used for example a Firewall, Anti-Virus ,Spam

Let us begin with Firewall Continue reading Firewall Anti-Virus Spam

WordPress New Users

Welcome new WordPress User

The following I hope will be helpful to new users of WordPress. If you are an Administrator the following post is not for you. It is specifically for Worpress new users to set them on the path in WordPress. Which in my humble estimation is possible one of if not the best software applications for web developers and end users. Continue reading WordPress New Users

Sharing Docs Online

This post is a brief and hopefully helpful introduction
to the organization of your information you wish to
share with others.
Let us begin with a scenario. You have to attend
a meeting with several others in the near future,It may be
business, pleasure whatever,but you must have organization
around its implementation.Perhaps you are Chairman of your local Continue reading Sharing Docs Online