XBox and Routers

The following post is aimed at those who are attempting to get additional functions to work in their XBOX enviroment and who are unfamiliar with routers modems et al. As this site as per the header is for end users if you are a “Technical Wiz” you will hopefully find the following post a bit beneath your capabilities.

I decided to write this because of the number of people whom have asked me to do so.

English: Linksys WRT54GL Polski: Linksys WRT54GL
English: Linksys WRT54GL Polski: Linksys WRT54GL (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Sip and You

There is a plethora of discussion and questions on sip on the Internet and other information formats. However it appears that these address issues around the implementation of sip from a technical perspective. It is my intention in this post to introduce sip to the end user and hopefully when you read through this you will be in a position to decide if and when to use sip for home business or both. Continue reading Sip and You