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Welcome new WordPress User

The following I hope will be helpful to new users of WordPress. If you are an Administrator the following post is not for you. It is specifically for Worpress new users to set them on the path in WordPress. Which in my humble estimation is possible one of if not the best software applications for web developers and end users.

WordPress has amazing abilities and as you journey further in to this software you will be amazed at it’s ease of use for You the end user. I presume you have received your name and password from your web administrator You will at the end of this post have created content perhaps added and create a link . Which is enough to start with. In the future we will do a little more.

So let us begin.

Open up another session in your browser so you can jump between your site and here.

1) Sign in with you Name and Password to your WordPress website.

2) You are now on your Dashboard

3) Top left is posts click this and click add new.

4)There are two tabs at the top click visual. We will return to html in a moment

5) Type in your content to your post.

6) It is a good idea to sign it at the bottom, Who knows this post could be worth a fortune when you complete your first bestseller.

7)O.K. Post is finished perhaps you would like to add a link to a website.   Here is one of Mine Come back  here don’t click this yet until you are finished reading.

8)Click where you want your link to appear and type in what ever message you would like to appear as I did above. Now highlight the text with your mouse. Now click on html in the toolbar on top.Now click link in the same toolbar. A window appears type in the address here for example http://www.mysite.com. Click ok you’ve now created an off-site link.

9)You can also use this feature to link internally say to another post on your site. Here is another post on this site  This could be http://www.mysite.com/my-post/  or similar. For example if you look above the toolbar you will see the address of the post you are writing at the moment.

O.K. We are almost done have a look under the visual toolbar and change your text appearance as you wish.

I will in the future add to this, using images in Worpress , seo, google, social media and more.
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